Symptoms of Psoriasic Arthritis

The disease has the following symptoms:

  • Stiffness lasting over 2 hours after waking up or after having been seated for a long time.
  • Finger or Toe Swelling – the so-called sausage shaped finger or toe.
  • Pitting – i.e. the presence of point-like depressions and/or longitudinal stripes – change in the colour of the fingernails and/or toenails.
  • Painful tendon inflammation, especially in Achille’s tendon or in the foot sole.
  • General rash in one or both eyes

The most involved joints are:

Neck and/or back – involving about 50% of patients. Sometimes, they are the only areas involved.
– in about 1 patient out of 5.
– in about 1 patient out of 5.
– in about 50% of patients.
– generally in younger patients.
– at least one knee in about 50% of patients.
Ankles – in about 1 patient out of 4.
Fingers and toes
– the parts most often involved.


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