ADIPSO (Associazione per la Difesa degli Psoriasici) was founded in November 1989 with the aim of providing positive assistance to people affected by psoriasis. The objective of the Association is to inform patients on the latest treatments available and on everything concerning psoriasis.

The Association has been a Member of the Committee in charge of the Reform of chronic diseases in Italy since 1992. Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis have been recognised as chronic and social diseases in the Italian Official Gazette since 1992, whist before they were only considered an aesthetic problem.

The most important consequence of this reform is that now drugs for the treatment of psoriasis have been inserted in the so-called Class A, i.e. drugs paid by the Italian National Health Service.

1993 saw the birth of “ADIPSO Magazine”, the journal of the Association, made to update all those suffering from psoriasis on the various developments regarding the disease. The journal has now been renamed "ADIPSO NEWS" and has a circulation of about  250 thousand copies.

In 1996, ADIPSO participated to the epidemiological study made by the Rheumatology Institute of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" on the level of severity of Psoriatic Arthritis through questionnaires handed out to patients and returned to the Association, the statistical assessment of the epidemiological data and their publication at national level.

In 1998, ADIPSO collaborated with the Genetics Group of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata", - managed by Prof. Giuseppe Novelli – to a research made to identify the genes responsible of Psoriasis.
The Association has been holding an International Congress in Rome every two years since 1998. The topic of the Congress is “ PSORIASIS: A medical and social problem – interaction between patients, doctors, politician and social-health professionals.
The 2004 edition of ADIPSO’s Congress was attended by the Ministry of Health of the time, Girolamo Sirchia. His presentation can be seen in the video gallery of ADIPSO’s website.

2001 saw the birth of our website: www.adipso.org

ADIPSO has also created the "Medico online" service through which our members receive phone assistance by a specialist as well as information on treatments.

2003 saw the birth of FIMDe a Federation of Associations, namely A.DI.PSO., A.N.A.A. (Italian Association of Alopecia Areata), A.N.A.N.as (Italian Association of Neurofibromatosis) and ARIV (Italian Association for Research and Information on Vitiligo) aimed at informing and sensitizing the public opinion on the difficulties of these diseases and support scientific research through funds collected during different initiatives, meetings and medical congresses.

In 2003, the Association promoted for the first time in Italy the Psoriasis Day, involving Hospitals and University Clinics of Dermatology on the issues regarding psoriasis.
As President of ADIPSO, Mrs Mara Maccarone has attended several National and International Congresses on the quality of life of psoriatic patients. (See PUBLICATIONS).
The Association organises every year meetings in all Italian regions between patients and dermatologists aimed at improving the relationship between doctors and patients.

On 29 October 2004 ADIPSO organised the World Psoriasis Day, placing gazebos in 25 Italian towns. The goal was not only to meet patients, but also common people so that they could learn that psoriasis is not contagious and that it is a severe disease with great social consequences. During the event, we distributed information booklets and the so-called Psoriasis Poster - prepared by European Associations – illustrating the rights of psoriatic patients.

In 2004, ADIPSO participated to the "Psocare" project organised by AIFA (The Italian Medicines Agency) directed by Mr. Nello Martini. The project saw the collaboration of Prof. Alberto Giannetti - Dermatology Clinic of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia - Prof. Sergio Chimenti - Dermatology Clinic of the University of Rome Tor Vergata - Dr. Mauro Picardo - S.Gallicano-IFO Institute of Rome - Dr.Luigi Naldi – Bergamo Study Centre - Dr.Addis and Dr.Tomino from AIFA.
The purpose of the project was to establish a homogeneous approach for the pharmacological treatment of psoriasis in order to create an assessment programme on the different kind of treatments.

In 2005, ADIPSO created a "PAN European Psoriasis Patient's Forum" aimed at establishing a cooperation and solidarity process with Eastern European countries. The project saw the participation of the following countries: Greece, Malta, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Bulgaria.
The Federation now known as PE.Pso.POF. (Pan European Psoriasis Patient's Organitation Forum) is regulated by a Statute.

In 2006, ADIPSO received an important recognition by the Minister of Health - Livia Turco – highlighting the importance of the activities carried out by the Association.

In December 2008, ADIPSO was confirmed as patients’ representative for the "Psocare" project that was started again by the new AIFA Director, Guido Rasi, together with Professors Giannetti, Chimenti,Picardo, Naldi and Tomino.

2009 - ADIPSO celebrates 20 years of activity, thus decides to promote 2009 as "Year of Awareness" of Psoriasis

2010 – ADIPSO’s President becomes member of EU.L.A.R.’s Task Force (Europe League Against Rheumatism) to define the guidelines (Recommendations for rheumatologists) for the treatment of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis.


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